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    Clarinet - Music and instrument

    The clarinet is a woodwind musical instrument. It consists of a main body made of wood, typically ebony or grenadilla, which is pierced with holes and equipped with a key system. It also has a metal mouthpiece with a single reed, on which the musician blows to produce sound.

    It stands out for its wide range and its ability to produce a great variety of tones. It is capable of playing both low and high notes, which gives it great musical versatility.

    The clarinet is widely used in various styles of music, such as classical music, jazz, folk music, and

    BUFFET CRAMPON -  - Clarinet

    A new musical aesthetic This clarinet of the twenty-first century is the result of the most ...

    ... contemporary music. It can play soft and melancholic melodies, as well as fast and virtuosic passages.

    Some renowned clarinet manufacturers include Buffet Crampon, Yamaha, Selmer, Leblanc, and Vandoren.

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