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    Harp - Music and instrument

    The harp is a plucked musical instrument that has existed for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest musical instruments still in use today. Here is some information about the harp:

    • Structure: The harp usually consists of a triangular wooden frame with a vertical column. It has several rows of strings that extend from the base of the column to the top of the frame. The strings are strung at different heights and are usually made of gut, nylon or metal. Modern harps may have pedals or levers to change the pitch of the notes.

    • Sound: The

    ... produces a soft, rich and evocative sound. The strings are plucked by hand or with accessories such as nails or paddles. The harp has a wide range of sounds, from low to high notes, allowing it to play melodies, chords and arpeggios.

  • Playing technique: To play the harp, the musician uses fingers to pluck the strings or uses accessories such as nails or paddles. Playing techniques include glissando (sliding the fingers along the strings), tremolo (rapid repetition of notes), arpeggio (playing the notes of a chord in rapid succession) and other harp-specific techniques.

  • Types of harps: There are different types of harps, from small travel harps to large concert harps. Harps are also classified according to the number of strings and the tonal range they offer. Celtic harps are popular in folk music, while concert harps are used in symphony orchestras and classical music ensembles.

  • Manufacturers : There are many renowned harp manufacturers around the world. Some of the most reputable manufacturers include Salvi, Lyon & Healy, Camac, Aoyama, and many others.

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