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    Violin - Music and instrument

    The violin is a string instrument belonging to the family of bowed string instruments. It is characterized by its rich and expressive sound. Here are some pieces of information about the violin:

    1. Structure: The violin is composed of an hourglass-shaped sound box, traditionally made of spruce for the soundboard (top) and maple for the back, sides, and neck. It has four steel strings (or gut strings for traditional violins) stretched over a fingerboard along the neck, which can be played with a bow.

    2. Sound and playing technique: The violin produces a warm and expressive sound when played correctly. The musician

    Expertissim - violon, mirecourt. vers 1930 - Violin

    French violin.Slight accident next to end pin by tailpiece. Bottom joint slightly opened.Mirecourt ( ...

    575 € approx.
    Expertissim -  - Violin

    Violin by Nicolas MATHIEU,

    Price upon request
    ... holds the instrument under the chin and uses the bow to make the strings vibrate, producing the notes. The fingers of the left hand are used to press the strings at different positions on the fingerboard, thus altering the pitch of the played notes.

  • Use in music: The violin is a versatile instrument and is used in various musical genres such as classical music, jazz, folk, traditional music, and many more. It can play melodies, bass lines, harmonies, and even virtuosic solos.

  • Sizes: Violins are available in different sizes to accommodate musicians of all ages. The most common sizes are full-size violin (4/4 size for adults), 3/4 size (for teenagers), and smaller sizes suitable for children.

  • Manufacturing: The making of a violin is a complex and artisanal process, often carried out by experienced luthiers. Each violin is unique and may have different characteristics that influence its tone and sound quality.

  • There are many renowned violin makers around the world, such as Stradivarius, Guarneri, Amati, Montagnana, and many others. However, instruments made by these famous luthiers are often rare and expensive. There are also contemporary makers who offer high-quality violins at more affordable prices.

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