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    Dulcimer - Music and instrument

    The cimbalom, also known as the Hungarian cimbalom, is a percussion instrument of Hungarian origin. It belongs to the keyboard instrument family and is often classified as a melodic percussion instrument.

    The cimbalom consists of a wooden trapezoid or rectangular frame, onto which metal strings are stretched. The strings are arranged in parallel rows and are attached to adjustable tuning pegs, allowing for the adjustment of their tension and pitch.

    Here are some European manufacturers of cimbaloms:

    • József Schunda Cymbalom Manufacture (Hungary) - József Schunda is a renowned manufacturer of Hungarian cimbaloms based in Budapest. Their instruments are handcrafted using

    ... traditional techniques and are known for their quality and sound.

  • Kertész Cimbalom Manufacture (Hungary) - Kertész is another renowned Hungarian manufacturer of cimbaloms. Their instruments are carefully crafted and are appreciated by professional musicians.

  • Bogdan Reeds & Instruments (Romania) - Bogdan is a Romanian manufacturer specializing in cimbalom production. Their instruments are handmade and are appreciated for their sound quality.

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