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    Luth - Music and instrument

    The lute is a plucked string instrument that dates back to ancient times. It is widely used in classical, folk and traditional music from various cultures around the world. Here is some information about the lute:

    • Description and construction: The lute is a pear-shaped stringed instrument with a hollow body and a rounded sounding board. It usually has a long, thin neck with frets on it, which allow different notes to be produced by pressing the strings at specific positions. Lute strings can be made of gut, nylon or steel, and are traditionally plucked with the fingers

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  • Types of lute: There are many regional and historical variations of the lute. Some popular types include the Renaissance lute, the Baroque lute, the Arab lute (oud), the Persian lute (tar), the Turkish lute (saz), the Indian lute (sitar) and many others. Each type of lute has its own specific characteristics in terms of shape, size, number of strings and sound.

  • Sound and repertoire: The lute produces a soft, rich sound, characteristic of its delicate and expressive tone. It is often used to play melancholic melodies, harmonic accompaniments and virtuoso solos. The lute's repertoire includes a wide range of musical styles, from European classical music to folk, medieval, Renaissance, Middle Eastern and other traditions.

  • Famous lute players: Many musicians have been renowned for their mastery of the lute and their contribution to its development and repertoire. Famous lute players include John Dowland, Francesco da Milano, Jozef van Wissem, Al-Farabi, Ravi Shankar and many others.

  • Making and luthiers: The making of a lute requires specialised skills and a thorough knowledge of the construction and acoustics of the instrument. Expert luthiers are responsible for creating and repairing lutes, using traditional techniques and quality materials. Some renowned luthiers offer custom-made lutes, tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the musicians.


    There are several renowned lute makers around the world. Here are some of the most famous manufacturers:

    1. Martin Haycock - Haycock Guitars (UK): Martin Haycock is a British luthier specialising in the construction of lutes, vintage guitars and historical replicas. His instruments are prized for their quality of construction and exceptional sound.

    2. Michael Lowe - Michael Lowe Lutes (Canada): Michael Lowe is a Canadian luthier who specializes in the construction of lutes and other antique stringed instruments. His creations are known for their elegant aesthetic and rich sound.

    3. Stephen Barber - Barber & Harris (UK): Stephen Barber is a renowned British luthier who works in partnership with Laurie Harris to create high quality lutes. Their collaboration produces instruments of great precision and beautiful tone.

    4. Grant Tomlinson - Grant Tomlinson Guitars (Australia): Grant Tomlinson is an Australian luthier who specialises in making historical lutes and guitars. His instruments are handcrafted from high quality materials and are prized for their historical authenticity.

    5. Martin Hoffmann - Hoffmann Lauten- und Theorbenbau (Germany): Martin Hoffmann is

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