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    Photovoltaic tile - Facades and roofs

    The photovoltaic tile is a special roof tile that is equipped with photovoltaic solar cells. It can generate electricity from solar energy, while also acting as a roof cover.

    Photovoltaic tiles are usually made from materials such as glass, silicon or plastic. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different types of roofs.

    The advantages of photovoltaic tiles are their ability to generate renewable electricity from solar energy, their long lifetime (about 25 years), and their aesthetic appearance that can easily blend into different types of architecture. They are also weather and impact resistant.


    ... photovoltaic tiles can be more expensive than conventional roofing tiles because of their advanced technology and more complex production. In addition, their installation often requires specialized skills, which can also increase costs. Finally, they may be less effective in areas where sunshine is limited or variable.

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