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    Wall mounted kitchen scale - Scales

    A wall-mounted kitchen scale is a device used to weigh food ingredients when preparing meals. Unlike traditional kitchen scales that sit on a countertop or flat surface, a wall-mounted scale is mounted on the wall to save space and allow easy access.

    These wall-mounted scales are usually equipped with a digital display that accurately shows the weight of the food. They can have different weight capacities, ranging from a few grams to several kilograms, depending on your cooking needs.

    To install a wall-mounted kitchen scale, generally follow these steps:

    Choose the location: Choose a suitable spot in your kitchen where

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    ... the scale will be easily accessible and readable. Make sure the wall can support the weight of the scale.

    Fixing: Fix the scale support to the wall using screws and wall plugs suitable for the wall material. Make sure the bracket is securely fastened.

    Mounting the scale: Hang the scale on the bracket according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure it is properly secured.

    Calibration: Most modern wall-mounted kitchen scales are pre-calibrated at the factory, but it may be useful to check the accuracy of the scale using a known weight, such as a calibrated weight or an object of specified weight.

    Use: Once the scale has been correctly installed and calibrated, you can use it to weigh your ingredients by placing them on the weighing platform. The display will show the weight accurately.

    It's important to note that specific instructions may vary depending on the make and model of wall-mounted kitchen scale you have. Always make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions for the correct installation, calibration and use of the appliance.

    Some well-known European brands of kitchen scales include Soehnle, Beurer, Tefal, Salter, WMF and ADE. 

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