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    Electrical steam cooker - Various kitchen and cooking items

    An electric steamer is a practical kitchen appliance designed to steam food automatically and regulated. It offers a healthy way to prepare a variety of foods, preserving their flavor and nutrients.

    Different styles of electric steam cookers: There are different styles of electric steam cookers, each with its own specific characteristics:

    Tiered Steam Cooker: This type of steam cooker stacks baskets on top of each other, allowing multiple foods to be cooked at the same time.
    Drawer steamer: It has separate drawers to cook different foods simultaneously without mixing flavors.
    All-in-one steam cooker: Some models include additional functions, such as

    Magimix -  - Electrical Steam Cooker

    Magimix's multifunction steamer features 2 satin stainless steel baskets of 5.5L - 1 2L bowl. It is ...

    SINBO -  - Electrical Steam Cooker
    Price upon request
    TECHWOOD - cuiseur vapeur inox - Electrical Steam Cooker

    Features Brushed stainless steel base Capacity 9 Liters 3 Removable baskets Baskets that can be used ...

    59.95 € approx.
    DEJELIN -  - Electrical Steam Cooker
    Price upon request
    ... vacuum cooking, slow cooking or rice cooking.
    Programmable steam cooker: These devices offer timer and temperature control functions for accurate cooking.
    Renowned European manufacturers: Several European manufacturers are well known for their high quality electric steam cookers. Some of the most reputable brands include:

    Philips (Netherlands): Philips is one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances and offers a wide range of electric steam cookers with modern features.

    Tefal (France): Tefal is a French brand renowned for its easy-to-use electric steam cookers, offering great cooking capacity.

    Bosch (Germany): Bosch offers high-quality electric steam cookers with a robust construction.

    Kenwood (UK): Kenwood manufactures multi-function electric steam cookers that often combine several cooking modes.

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