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    Kitchen trolley - Chopping blocks & stands

    A kitchen servant, also called a kitchen trolley, is a piece of furniture or mobile trolley designed to facilitate the preparation and service of meals in the kitchen. These minions provide additional storage space, an additional work surface and the ability to easily move food, dishes or utensils from one area of the kitchen to another.

    Styles of kitchen servants:

    Wooden Kitchen Serving Set: Wooden serving sets are popular for their warm aesthetics and durability. They are often made of solid wood, engineered wood or bamboo. Some have wooden worktops, shelves and drawers for storing kitchen utensils and food.


    ... Kitchen Serving Set: Metal serving sets are sturdy and durable. They are often equipped with stainless steel trays, making them easy to clean and stain resistant. They are ideal for contemporary kitchens.

    Kitchen Trolley on wheels: Many kitchen trolleys are mounted on casters, making them easy to move as needed. This makes it easy to transport prepared dishes from the kitchen to the dining room.

    European manufacturers of kitchen servers:

    Ikea (Sweden): Ikea is a Swedish manufacturer of affordable and functional furniture, including kitchen cabinets in a variety of styles and sizes.

    Habitat (United Kingdom): Habitat is a British company that offers contemporary design kitchen furniture, including utility units.

    BoConcept (Denmark): BoConcept is a Danish company that manufactures modern and elegant furniture for the home, including kitchen cabinets.

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