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    Tooth box - Jewelry

    Tooth boxes, also called milk tooth boxes, are small containers specially designed to store children’s milk teeth when they fall naturally. They are often used as a precious memory of childhood and can be decorative or simple depending on the preferences of parents and children.

    Tooth box styles:

    Wooden tooth box: Wooden tooth boxes are popular for their traditional aesthetics. They are usually carved or engraved with cute patterns or animal shapes to please children.

    Metal tooth box: Metal tooth boxes are durable and can be decorated with patterns or engravings. They are often hermetically sealed to protect the milk

    JUDITH LEVIANT - oiseau - Tooth Box

    Designer : Judith Leviant

    Hand-painted porcelain box with lots of love. Customizable toothbox for boys. Your little bits lose ...

    Expertissim - boîtes à bijoux en bronze par fratin - Tooth Box

    Designer : Fratin

    Christophe Frantin (1801-1864).Two octagonal patinated bronze jewelry boxes. Lids ornated with deer ...

    2562.50 € approx.
    Ulysse -  - Tooth Box

    Dimension - 4 x 7.5 cm Wood Matter Applicable Standards European Compliance CE Age Restriction - 36 ...

    Price upon request
    ... tooth from moisture.

    Porcelain tooth box: Porcelain tooth boxes are elegant and delicate. They can be decorated with floral motifs, animals or other artistic drawings.

    European tooth box manufacturers:

    Räder (Germany): Räder is a German company specializing in decorative items and gifts, including porcelain tooth boxes with an elegant design.

    Baby Art (France): Baby Art, a French brand, offers a variety of products related to early childhood, including plastic and metal tooth boxes.

    Cotton & Sweets (Czech Republic): This Czech brand offers tooth boxes made of soft fabric, with attractive patterns and colors for children.

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