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    Germinator - Various

    A sprouter is a device used to germinate seeds, legumes, cereals and other types of edible seeds. The germination process involves soaking the seeds in water for a period of time and then allowing them to grow under controlled conditions, thus promoting the development of young shoots and sprouts.

    A sprouter usually consists of several layers or stackable trays. Each tray is perforated to allow water to flow and air to circulate, thus promoting the development of germs while avoiding excessive moisture accumulation. Some sprouters are designed to be used without electricity, while others can be electric and automatically control

    GERMLINE -  - Germinator

    The glass germinator is the ideal utensil to start with sprouted seeds. It is very easy to use and ...

    ... the humidity level and temperature.

    Here are some names of reputable manufacturers in this field:

    BioSnacky: This brand offers a variety of glass and plastic sprouters of different sizes for germination of different seeds.

    Victorio: Victorio offers stainless steel and plastic sprouters, designed to facilitate the germination and rinsing of seeds.

    Tribest: This brand offers automated sprouters, such as the Freshlife Sprouter, that automatically control humidity and temperature for optimal results.

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