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    Liturgical chasuble - Clothing

    The liturgical chasuble is a liturgical garment worn by priests and ministers of Christian worship during the celebration of mass or other religious services.

    1. Gothic Chasuble: Gothic chasuble is one of the most traditional styles. It has a loose and straight shape, with a round neck and a cut that goes down to the knees. Gothic chasubles are often adorned with intricate embroidery and religious symbols.

    2. Roman Chasuble: The Roman Chasuble has a simpler cut with a narrower collar and a slightly arched shape. It is shorter than the Gothic chasuble and usually arrives at the waist. Roman

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    ... chasubles are often used in the Roman Catholic liturgy.

    3. Monastic chasuble: The monastic chasuble is larger than the Gothic chasuble and generally has a straight section. It is often used by monks and nuns for liturgical celebrations.

    4. Modern Chasuble: Modern chasubles are designed in more contemporary styles and can have various cuts, different collars and simpler patterns. They can be used in churches that prefer a more modern liturgical aesthetic.

    Some renowned European manufacturers include "Slabbinck" (Belgium), "Renzetti-Magnarelli" (Italy), "Vestments Factory" (Spain) and "Gammarelli" (Italy).

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