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    Sandpaper - Maintenance products

    Sandpaper, also known as sandpaper, is a material used to sand and smooth different surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic and plaster.

    It is in the form of sheets, rolls or discs, and is composed of a paper support or a canvas support covered with abrasive particles glued to its surface.

    Examples of well-known European manufacturers of sandpaper include:

    Mirka (Finland): Mirka is a Finnish company specialising in abrasive products, including sandpaper. They offer a variety of abrasive products, including sanding discs and sheets of sandpaper.

    Klingspor (Germany): Klingspor is a renowned German brand for its abrasive products, including sandpaper, which

    L'opificio -  - Sandpaper

    The Collection Opificio Wallpaper: Fabric and wallpaper mix, graphics are created on the basis of ...

    Price upon request
    LA FUCINA DEI MIRACOLI -  - Sandpaper

    Papier-mâché mask with a large metal bathed in gold and Swarovski crystals applied by hand. ...

    Price upon request
    ... is used in various industries and applications.

    Hermes (Germany): Hermes is another German company that manufactures abrasive products, including sanding and polishing paper.

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