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    Sliding cabinet - Kitchen furniture

    Drawer slides, also called drawer slides or rails, are essential mechanisms used in kitchen furniture to allow drawers to be opened and closed smoothly.

    Drawer Slide Styles:

    Full extension drawer slides:

    Full extension drawer slides allow the drawer to fully open, making it easy to access all drawer contents. They are ideal for maximizing storage space.
    Partial extension drawer slides:

    Partial extension drawer slides allow the drawer to open partially, usually about three-quarters the length of the drawer. They are often used in furniture where full access is not necessary.
    Drawer slides with shock absorbers:

    The drawer slides with shock

    Accuride - sortie totale - Sliding Cabinet

    Aluminium. Ball cage and stainless steel marbles. Corrosion-resistant. Slide thickness: 26.5 mm

    Price upon request
    KEssEBÖHMER -  - Sliding Cabinet
    Price upon request
    KEssEBÖHMER - dispensa - Sliding Cabinet
    Price upon request
    KEssEBÖHMER - 30cm - Sliding Cabinet
    Price upon request
    KEssEBÖHMER - frontale - Sliding Cabinet
    Price upon request
    Formenti E Giovenzana -  - Sliding Cabinet
    Formenti E Giovenzana

    The pebble and ball backstage range includes all possible solutions to meet all applications, from ...

    Price upon request
    AMB Balasque -  - Sliding Cabinet
    AMB Balasque

    N Standard table slide bones are made of solid beech with dovetail machined from the mass. They are ...

    Price upon request
    ... absorbers are equipped with damping mechanisms that slow down the closing of the drawer to avoid shocks and noises.
    Silent exit drawer slides:

    The silent exit drawer slides are designed to minimize noise when opening and closing the drawer. They are ideal for kitchens where silence is important.
    Self-closing drawer slides:

    Self-closing drawer slides close automatically when the drawer is pushed slightly. They are convenient for waste or recycling drawers.
    Snap-in drawer slides:

    Snap-in drawer slides keep the drawer closed or open safely with a snap-in mechanism.
    Quick release drawer slides:

    Quick release drawer slides make it easy to remove the drawer from its location for easy cleaning or maintenance.
    European manufacturers of renowned drawer slides:

    Blum (Austria)

    Hettich (Germany)

    Salice (Italy)

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