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    Cardboard furniture - Cupboards and storage

    A cardboard cabinet, also called a cardboard drawer cabinet or a cardboard locker cabinet, is a storage cabinet composed of several drawers or cardboard lockers.

    Such furniture is often used in professional environments, offices, workshops, classrooms and warehouses to organize and store small items such as office supplies, tools, spare parts, accessories, jewelry, samples, drugs, index cards and other objects of similar size.

    Some European manufacturers of carton board furniture are:

    Rössler Paper: Rössler Paper is a German manufacturer specializing in office supplies and stationery, also offering cardboard furniture for storing and organizing office items.

    Pressel: Pressel is a German

    ... brand renowned for its packaging products, including cardboard furniture adapted to storage and archiving needs.

    Rack Systems: Rack Systems is a German manufacturer of storage and shelving solutions, also offering cardboard furniture for the efficient storage of small objects.

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