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    Hand broom - Various DIY

    The hand broom is a small portable broom used for cleaning small areas, hard-to-reach corners, stairs, furniture, crumbs on the table, narrow areas, and more. Here is some information about the hand brush:

    Compact size: The hand broom is small, making it easy to handle and carry. It is generally equipped with a short handle or an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip.

    Suitable broom head: The head of the hand broom can be flat, with soft or hard bristles, or can be equipped with a brush. This depends on the specific use of the hand brush and the types

    HUMDAKIN -  - Hand Broom

    Size 37 cm. The air of the brush is made of coir.

    ... of surfaces to be cleaned.

    Versatile use: The hand broom is versatile and can be used in different situations, such as:

    Collect crumbs, dust and debris from tables, counters and work surfaces.
    Clean difficult to access stairs, corners, cracks and nooks.
    Remove animal hair, lint and dirt from furniture, carpets or car seats.
    Perform quick and targeted cleaning touch-ups.
    Hair Materials: The hair of hand brushes can be nylon, silk, rubber or other materials. Some models are designed for wet use, while others are designed for dry cleaning.

    Care: The hand broom is easy to clean. Simply shake the hair or rub gently to remove accumulated debris. If necessary, you can also wash the broom head with warm water and mild soap, then let it dry completely before using it again.

    There are many well-known manufacturers of hand brushes, including O-Cedar, Casabella, Fuller Brush, Libman and Ettore

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