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    Dish mop - Various DIY

    A dishwasher is a small piece of fabric or absorbent material used for domestic or industrial cleaning. Wipers are often used to wipe, clean, dust and clean different surfaces.

    They are generally made of cotton, microfibres or other synthetic materials specially designed to absorb water and dirt, while being soft enough not to scratch delicate surfaces.

    Here are some examples of European leading manufacturers in this field:

    Vileda (Germany): Vileda is a German brand well known for its high quality cleaning products and wipes.

    Spontex (France): Spontex is a French brand that offers a variety of cleaning products, including

    STARWAX -  - Dish Mop

    Technical Description: Cleans and Wipes Glass Surfaces, Mirrors and Bodys The "skin" texture ensures ...

    STARWAX -  - Dish Mop

    Technical Description: Dust, clean and wipe all smooth surfaces Soft, handy and absorbent Colours ...

    E-CLOTH -  - Dish Mop

    E-cloth mops and cloths remove all fat and dirt from hard surfaces using only water. E-cloth MOP is ...

    7.46 € approx.

    Leifheit (Germany): Leifheit is a German manufacturer specialized in cleaning and maintenance products, including wipers.

    Dreiturm (Germany): Dreiturm is a German manufacturer of cleaning products and wipes for domestic and industrial applications.

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