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    Wood stove - Stoves, hearths, enclosed heaters

    A stove is a self-contained heater designed to burn fuel, usually wood, coal, wood pellets, gas or other energy sources, to produce heat and heat an indoor space. Stoves can be used to heat a room, a house or even be integrated into a central heating system. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes and designs to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of users.

    European stove manufacturers:

    Dovre (Belgium): Dovre is a Belgian manufacturer of wood, coal and gas stoves, renowned for its traditional and contemporary designs.

    Jøtul (Norway): Jøtul is a Norwegian brand of wood and

    JUSTUS - dias - Wood Stove

    Modular system for use on a stand (metal or wood), wall or box, Combustion chamber in ergonomic ...

    Price upon request
    LAPADD - d'appoint ikiko - Wood Stove
    d'appoint ikiko

    Designer : Andre Ehrlich

    Width 30 cm x length 30 cm x height 43 cm. weight 19 kg. high-quality white ceramic. can be cleaned ...

    ... gas stoves, famous for its expertise in wood heating and its Scandinavian aesthetic.

    Charnwood (United Kingdom): Charnwood is a British manufacturer of high-end wood stoves, known for its elegant design and high performance.

    La Nordica-Extraflame (Italy): This Italian company offers a range of wood, pellet and gas stoves, characterized by their Italian style and advanced technologies.

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