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    Central fireplace - Fireplaces

    The central fireplace, the contemporary evolution of the classic fireplace. As the name suggests it is usually placed in the middle of a space.
    Its location and design allow it to diffuse the heat of the flames 360° and allows you to enjoy the heat regardless of its position in the room.
    The technology and the mastery of materials allow completely open fireplaces, the evacuation being suspended from the ceiling.

    Glass protection against accidents? Some models will have their fireplaces protected by curved glass, allowing to appreciate the beauty of the fire and its heat while avoiding accidents (with children

    ROCAL - ronde - Central Fireplace

    This central fireplace is pure energy and simplicity. Its design allows a full view from anywhere in ...

    Price upon request
    JC Bordelet - calista - Central Fireplace

    Central chimney double-sided swivel glass, the central chimney suspended Calista 917 is the latest ...

    Price upon request
    Hestia-cheminée -  - Central Fireplace

    with fire-pare grille and 1 metre of duct - draw key

    2480 € approx.

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    Les Specialistes

    ROCAL JC Bordelet Hestia-cheminée VYROSA
    VYROSA - javea suspendu 360 degrés - Central Fireplace
    javea suspendu 360 degrés

    This generously proportioned open central fireplace places fire at the heart of the architecture. A ...

    Price upon request
    JC Bordelet - eva 992 - Central Fireplace
    JC Bordelet
    eva 992

    Brute central fireplace, Section of internal minimum duct Ø 250 mm, in line with the standard EN ...

    Price upon request
    ... for example).
    A wide choice of shapes, formats and materials!
    Depending on your tastes, you can opt for a round central fireplace, full foot or suspended. You will find steel, make and even stone to give a more rustic style to your interior.

    Who are the essential manufacturers of central chimney?
    Some big names stand out thanks to their innovations in terms of design, this is the case of the French manufacturer Focus-Création specialized in the manufacture of design fireplaces, of the Spanish Rocal or Bordelet launched in 1976 by the French designer Jean Claude Bordelet.

    Definitely contemporary, the installation of central fireplaces is a real mark of modernity.

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