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Champagne bucket - Drink cooling

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Buckets and Ice Buckets They keep wine and champagne cool and reinforce their gustatory qualities. Indeed, some wines need to be cool when served, while others need to be even chillier. Chilly wines should be served at a temperature between 6° et 8°C. These are generally dry white wines, champagne and rosé wines. The bottle should be put right under the ice-tray and stay there for at least an hour. A bucket filled with cool water or an ice bucket will help the transition onto the table. Cool wines, that should be served at a temperature between 9° et 11°, ...
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... are fuller white wines. The right temperature for Beaujolais is 11° to 12°. Red wines are generally served at room temperature, but, in the summer, it is far from bad to let them spend an hour in an ice bucket.

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