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    Croissant box - Various table accessories

    A croissant box is a container specifically designed to transport and store croissants. It is typically made of cardboard or food-grade plastic, providing protection and insulation to preserve the freshness and texture of the croissants.

    Here is some additional information about croissant boxes:

    Size and Capacity: Croissant boxes are available in various sizes to accommodate different quantities of croissants. They can typically hold from a few individual croissants to a dozen or more.

    Design: Croissant boxes are designed with a tightly closing lid to maintain the freshness of the croissants and prevent them from drying out. Some boxes may also

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    ... feature a transparent window to allow visibility of the croissants inside without opening the box.

    Insulation: Some croissant boxes are equipped with additional insulation, typically made of foam or insulating material, to keep the croissants warm for longer. This is particularly useful when transporting freshly baked croissants to ensure they remain flavorful and fresh.

    Usage: Croissant boxes are primarily used in bakeries, pastry shops, or cafes where croissants are prepared and sold. They are ideal for transporting croissants, whether for takeout, delivery to customers, or storing them in a display case.

    Customization: Some croissant boxes can be customized with logos, designs, or bakery information for a professional and promotional presentation.

    Here are some reputable European manufacturers of croissant boxes:

    Schumacher Packaging (Germany): Schumacher Packaging is a German manufacturer specializing in corrugated cardboard packaging solutions, including croissant boxes. They offer a range of croissant boxes in different sizes and configurations to meet the needs of bakers and pastry chefs.

    Menasha Packaging (United Kingdom): Menasha Packaging is a British packaging manufacturer, providing a variety of customized packaging solutions. They offer high-quality croissant boxes with customization options to showcase the client's brand.

    Smurfit Kappa (Ireland): Smurfit Kappa is an Irish manufacturer of cardboard and paper packaging. They produce durable and functional croissant boxes designed to maintain the freshness of croissants and ensure an appealing presentation.

    DS Smith (United Kingdom): DS Smith is a British manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging and sustainable packaging solutions. They offer croissant boxes in various sizes and configurations, tailored to the specific needs of bakers and pastry chefs.

    Paclite (Sweden): Paclite is a Swedish company specializing in the production of corrugated cardboard packaging solutions. They provide a range of high-quality croissant boxes with customization options to meet customer requirements.

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