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    Walk-in shower - Showers & Accessoires

    An Italian shower is a walk-in shower, meaning that it has no raised shower tray. It is designed to be integrated into the bathroom floor, giving it a minimalist, modern look.

    The walk-in shower is often associated with a sleek, contemporary look, while being practical and functional. The walk-in shower is often tiled for an elegant, water-resistant finish.

    It can be fitted with a shower tray that is recessed into the floor to facilitate the flow of water to the siphon. The shower enclosures can be made of glass, tiles or any other waterproof material.

    This type of shower can

    Maison Derudet - marbre noir - Walk In Shower

    Complete cladding of an Italian-style shower with Antique Black Marble and Brushed Flamed Black ...

    Price upon request
    Rouviere Collection -  - Walk In Shower
    Rouviere Collection
    Price upon request
    BENOIT VIAENE -  - Walk In Shower

    Powder pink cladding with a clear and black shower screen.

    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    BENOIT VIAENE Maison Derudet Rouviere Collection JACKON INSULATION
    JACKON INSULATION -  - Walk In Shower
    Price upon request
    THE ALBION BATH COMPANY -  - Walk In Shower
    Price upon request
    ... be fitted with different types of jets and taps for optimum comfort, such as a showerhead recessed into the ceiling or a system of side jets.

    The walk-in shower is an ideal solution for people with reduced mobility or senior citizens, as it provides easy, barrier-free access. It's also easy to clean, as there's no raised shower tray to collect dirt or limescale.

    There are many manufacturers of walk-in showers on the market, here are just a few examples:

    Lapeyre: This French company offers a range of walk-in showers with different types of trays and glass enclosures.

    Jacob Delafon: This French company offers a range of walk-in showers with different types of ceramic trays and glass walls.

    Aquance: This French company offers made-to-measure walk-in showers, with different types of trays and glass panels.

    Wedi: This German company specialises in shower systems, including walk-in showers with ready-to-tile panels for easy installation.

    Grohe: This German company offers a range of walk-in showers with different types of trays and glass panels, as well as jet systems and taps. It's important to research customer reviews and product quality before choosing a walk-in shower manufacturer, as a poor-quality shower can lead to water leaks and mould problems. 

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