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    Flower packaging - Various flowers and aromatics

    The packaging for flower bouquet is an important element in the presentation and preservation of flowers during their transport. There is a wide variety of flower packaging, such as kraft paper bags, cardboard boxes, cellophane paper, fabric bags, etc.

    Regarding European manufacturers, there are many companies specialized in the production of packaging for flower bouquet. Here are a few:

    DS Smith: British company specialized in corrugated cardboard packaging, offering solutions for packaging fresh flowers.

    Cellopack: Belgian company offering paper and plastic packaging for the presentation and preservation of cut flowers.

    Knudsen Plast: Danish company specialized in the production of plastic

    ... bags for flower packaging.

    Paardekooper: Dutch company offering a wide range of packaging for flowers and plants, such as bags, boxes, papers and ribbons.

    Mondi: Austrian company specialized in sustainable packaging solutions, offering paper and cardboard packaging for flowers and plants.

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