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    Sliding kitchen dustbin - Around the sink

    Sliding kitchen bins are practical solutions for managing waste in a discreet and efficient way in modern kitchens. They are designed to fit into kitchen cabinets or drawers, freeing up floor space while maintaining a clean and organized prep area.

    Features of sliding kitchen bins:

    Slide System: The sliding bins are equipped with slide systems that allow the bin compartment to exit the closet or drawer smoothly. This facilitates access to waste and emptying the trash.

    Multiple Compartments: Some models offer multiple compartments, which allows you to sort recyclable and non-recyclable waste or separate organic waste for composting.

    Variable Capacity:

    Ateliers De La Balme -  - Sliding Kitchen Dustbin
    Ateliers De La Balme

    Many solutions are possible to make life easier for the housewife and the recovery of household ...

    Price upon request
    GOLLINUCCI -  - Sliding Kitchen Dustbin

    Sliding kitchen bin with 2 stainless steel bins Ideal for selective sorting in your home. Capacity: ...

    VIBO -  - Sliding Kitchen Dustbin

    Suspended selective bin. Large capacity With fixed cover and slides on shock absorber for smooth ...

    ELLETIPI -  - Sliding Kitchen Dustbin

    Opening of the automatic lid to the draw. Shock absorber: Without capacity: 18 L Height: 400 mm ...

    GOLLINUCCI -  - Sliding Kitchen Dustbin

    2 buckets of 21 L. Removable sponge cover (or gloves). Low fixation. Features: Shock absorber: ...

    ... Sliding kitchen bins are available in different sizes to suit different needs, ranging from small containers to large units for large families.

    Some of these European manufacturers of sliding kitchen bins are:

    Häfele (Germany): Häfele is a German manufacturer of hardware and furniture accessories. They offer a variety of high quality sliding kitchen bins that can be installed in closets.

    Blanco (Germany): Blanco is a German company specializing in sinks and kitchen accessories. They also make sliding bins for discreet integration into modern kitchens.

    Kesseböhmer (Germany): Kesseböhmer is a German manufacturer that focuses on kitchen storage solutions. They produce elegant and functional sliding kitchen bins.

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