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    Swivel kitchen dustbin - Around the sink

    Swivel kitchen bins, also known as rotating bins, are practical solutions for managing waste in kitchens. They are characterized by their ability to pivot on a central axis, which facilitates access to compartments and allows waste to be sorted more efficiently.

    Advantages of swivel kitchen bins:

    Easy Access: The swivel design allows easy access to the various compartments without having to handle the trash.

    Waste Sorting: Multiple compartments encourage waste sorting, which contributes to more environmentally friendly waste management.

    Discreet Appearance: Swivel bins can be integrated into kitchen furniture, keeping them out of sight and preserving the aesthetics of the

    GOLLINUCCI -  - Swivel Kitchen Dustbin

    Swivel kitchen bin with 1 tray of 16 liters to be embedded in a kitchen cabinet. This swivel ...

    ... kitchen.

    Some manufacturers: 

    Vauth-Sagel (Germany): Vauth-Sagel is a German company specialized in storage and organization systems for kitchens. They offer a variety of swivel kitchen bins that fit perfectly into kitchen furniture.

    Sige (Italy): Sige is an Italian company that specializes in kitchen organization solutions. They make functional and aesthetic kitchen swivel bins.

    Peka (Switzerland): Peka is a Swiss company that offers kitchen storage systems, including swivel kitchen bins. Their products are recognized for their Swiss quality.

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