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    Vegetable juicer - Mincing and grinding machines

    A vegetable press is a kitchen tool designed to extract juice or pulp from vegetables efficiently. It is often used to prepare fresh vegetable juices, vegetable purees or other culinary preparations that require the extraction of juice or pulp.

    Use of the vegetable press:

    Vegetable Preparation: Wash, peel and cut the vegetables into pieces of appropriate size.

    Assembly: Assemble the machine by placing the pressing drum, insert the vegetables into the drum.

    Turn on: Turn the handle or handle to press the vegetables.

    Juice or Pulp Collection: The juice or pulp is collected in a separate tank.

    European vegetable presses

    Manufactum - £82.00 - Vegetable Juicer

    Stainless steel, with two interchangeable disks with 2-mm and 3-mm perforations. Height 11 cm, 20.5 ...

    ... manufacturers:

    Moulinex (France): Moulinex is a well-established French brand that manufactures a variety of household appliances, including electric vegetable presses.

    Bosch (Germany): Bosch is a renowned German company that offers a range of household appliances, including electric vegetable presses.

    Magimix (France): Magimix is another French brand specialized in kitchen appliances, including vegetable presses.

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