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    Multimedia network storage box - Remote control

    A multimedia network box, also known as a communication box or multimedia distribution box, is a box designed to organize and centralize network, telecom, audio and video cabling in a home or building.

    Multimedia network box styles:

    Wall cabinet: This type of cabinet is designed to be mounted on the wall, usually in a dedicated room, such as a laundry room or garage. It can be equipped with various patch panels, communication sockets, electrical sockets and accessories to organize and distribute wiring.

    Recessed enclosure: Recessed enclosures are designed to be integrated into a wall, providing a discreet and aesthetic solution

    ... for multimedia cabling. They are usually equipped with patch panels, plugs and covers for a clean installation.

    Free-standing boxes: Free-standing boxes are larger and autonomous, often placed in technical rooms or basements. They can contain a large amount of network equipment, switches, routers and multimedia devices.

    European manufacturers of multimedia network boxes:

    Schneider Electric (France): Schneider Electric offers a range of communication boxes, distribution boxes and cable organizers for residential and commercial installations.

    Legrand (France): Legrand manufactures multimedia boxes designed to organize network, electrical and multimedia wiring in homes.

    Hager (Germany): Hager offers communication boxes that serve as distribution centres for domestic networks, including Ethernet cabling, television and telephony.

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