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    Potato glove - Cutting and Peeling

    A peeling glove, also known as a peeling glove, is an equipment designed to facilitate and secure peeling of fruits and vegetables. This type of glove is used to protect the hands of the user while allowing them to comfortably handle food and peel it effectively.

    The peeling glove is usually made from cut and puncture resistant materials, such as kevlar or other similar technical fabrics. The glove mainly covers the hand that will hold the fruit or vegetable during peeling. It can also cover part of the forearm for additional protection.

    Some renowned manufacturers include:

    NoCry: This brand offers

    FABRIKATORS - SKRUBA -  - Potato Glove
    Price upon request
    Microplane -  - Potato Glove

    Microplane Anti-Cut Glove Resistant. Ideal for not getting hurt in the kitchen when handling sharp ...

    ... a variety of protective equipment for the kitchen, including peeling gloves, aimed at ensuring the safety of users while preparing food.

    Victorinox: Known for its quality knives, the Swiss brand Victorinox also offers peeling gloves to accompany its kitchen products.

    OXO Good Grips: Specializing in the manufacture of ergonomic kitchen utensils, OXO offers comfortable and protective peeling gloves.

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