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    Canvas - Various Objets' d'art and Ornaments

    Canvas is a woven fabric with regular holes, forming a grid of small squares. This fabric is used to create embroideries using cross-stitch, a sewing technique that involves crossing two threads to form a cross.

    The designs of ornamental canvases can vary significantly, ranging from floral and geometric patterns to landscapes, animals, characters, and much more. Embroideries made on canvas can be used to decorate wall tapestries, cushions, tablecloths, bags, and other decorative objects.

    There are several companies specialized in the production of canvas, threads, and accessories necessary for embroidery worldwide. Here are some well-known European manufacturers in this

    Mercerie de la vieille ville -  - Canvas
    Mercerie de la vieille ville
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    • DMC (France): DMC is a French company specialized in the manufacturing of embroidery threads for over two centuries. They offer a wide range of cotton, silk, and other materials for canvas embroidery.

    • Anchor (United Kingdom): Anchor is a British brand of embroidery threads and embroidery kits. They provide a variety of colors and types of threads suitable for canvas embroidery.

    • Zweigart (Germany): Zweigart is a reputable German manufacturer of fabrics for embroidery, including canvas fabrics. They produce a wide range of high-quality fabrics suitable for different types of embroidery.

    • Lanarte (Netherlands): Lanarte is a Dutch company specialized in the production of embroidery kits and canvases. They offer a variety of motifs and designs for canvas embroidery.

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