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    Kitchen bell - Sinks

    A kitchen stamp, also known as a postage stamp or wall shelf, is a storage and decoration element that can be used in a kitchen to organize and display various items.

    Kitchen stamp styles:

    Traditional kitchen stamp: Traditional kitchen stamps are often made of solid wood with natural or painted finishes. They can have open shelves, hooks for hanging utensils, and classic details like moldings.

    Rustic Kitchen Stamp: Rustic kitchen stamps have an aged and authentic appearance, with features such as recycled barn planks, aged metal hardware, and warm, earthy colors.

    Modern kitchen stamp: Modern kitchen stamps are often minimalist,

    Herbeau -  - Kitchen Bell

    Evier Stamp 1 kitchen trayDimensions 76X48 cm - Depth 24 cm. Equipped with a complete leap with ...

    Price upon request
    Allia -  - Kitchen Bell

    Stamp of OFFICE PUBLICA 1 tank 70 X 50 cm white with headband 20 cm straight edges, stopper with cap ...

    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    Herbeau Allia
    ... with clean lines, materials like glass and metal, and a contemporary aesthetic. They are designed to integrate harmoniously into modern kitchens.

    European manufacturers of kitchen stamps:

    IKEA (Sweden): IKEA offers a variety of kitchen stamp options with modern and affordable designs.

    John Lewis & Partners (UK): John Lewis & Partners, a British department store chain, offers a range of quality kitchen stamps with a variety of styles.

    Maisons du Monde (France): This French brand offers a wide selection of furniture and kitchen accessories, including kitchen stamps with a diverse design.

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