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    Panpipes - Music and instrument

    The Pan flute, also known as the Pan flute or syrinx, is an ancient and traditional musical instrument composed of several pipes of different sizes, usually bamboo or reed. The pipes are assembled side by side to form a row, often tied together with wire or beeswax.

    Each tube of the pan flute produces a different note, and by playing several tubes simultaneously, one can create harmonious melodies. The tubes are arranged so that the smaller tubes produce more acute notes, while the larger tubes produce more severe notes. Some pan flute models can have up to 20 tubes or

    Medio Mundo - antara - Panpipes

    Simple bamboo straight pan flute. Unferasional Instrument Matching Weaving Color Size: 50 cm

    Price upon request
    ... more.

    The Pan flute is often considered a symbol of nature and is associated with artistic or literary representations of peaceful natural environments.

    There are several manufacturers of Pan flutes in the world, here are some of them:

    • Thomann (Germany): Thomann is a renowned German company in the manufacture and sale of musical instruments, including Pan flutes. They offer a selection of models of different sizes and materials.

    • Pan Flutes (United Kingdom): Pan Flutes is a British company specializing in the manufacture of high quality pan flutes. They offer a range of professional pan flutes, handcrafted from carefully selected materials.

    • Antara Flutes (France): Antara Flutes is a French manufacturer of Pan flutes. Their instruments are manufactured with precision and attention to detail, offering a rich sound and a comfort of play.

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