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    Flat-based tile - Facades and roofs

    A flat-bottom tile is a type of tile used for roofing. As its name suggests, it has a flat surface, unlike other types of tiles that can be curved or wavy.

    Flat-bottom tiles are often made of concrete or terracotta, and can be used for different types of roofing, including flat or slightly sloped roofs. They can be arranged in regular rows or in special patterns to create special aesthetic effects.

    Flat-bottom tiles have several advantages over other types of tiles. They are easier to install and manipulate because their flat surface allows a faster and more uniform installation. They

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    ... are also more resistant to weather and temperature changes, making them more durable and less likely to crack or break over time.

    On the other hand, flat-bottom tiles also have disadvantages. They may be less aesthetic than other types of tiles, especially when used alone, without special patterns or decorations. They may also be more vulnerable to the accumulation of rainwater, which can lead to sealing problems if there is not a sufficient slope to allow the water to drain.

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