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    Chinese Fondue - Various kitchen and cooking items

    Chinese fondue, also known as Chinese fondue or shabu-shabu, is a user-friendly and interactive cooking method originating in China. It consists of cooking thin slices of meat, seafood and vegetables in a flavored broth. The ingredients are often soaked in a soaking sauce before being tasted.

    Different styles of Chinese fondue:

    Chinese fondue with clear broth: In this variant, the basic broth is clear, and the flavors come mainly from cooked ingredients and dipping sauces.

    Spicy Broth Chinese Fondue: The broth is spiced with spices like chilli, Sichuan pepper and ginger for a spicy and rich flavor.

    Shabu-shabu: This style

    BEKA Cookware -  - Chinese Fondue

    Traditional Chinese fondue in stainless steel with chimney tube. Comes with a lid and 4 wire mesh ...

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    weng xinyu -  - Chinese Fondue
    weng xinyu
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    weng xinyu -  - Chinese Fondue
    weng xinyu
    Price upon request
    ... of Chinese fondue of Japanese origin is similar, but the slices of meat are often very thin and quickly soaked in the broth for a short cooking, which makes them even more tender.

    European fondue service manufacturers:

    Le Creuset (France): Le Creuset is a French brand renowned for its enamelled cast iron kitchen utensils. They manufacture high quality cast iron fondue services.

    Staub (France): Staub, also based in France, specializes in cast iron cookware, including fondue sets.

    Boska (Netherlands): Boska is a Dutch company specializing in cheese accessories and also offers fondue services for cheese and chocolate.

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