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    Emulsifier for milk - Various cooking aids

    A milk emulsifier, also called a milk frother or coffee frother, is a small kitchen appliance designed to create milk froth for various beverages including coffee, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate and many others.

    It works by quickly stirring the milk to introduce air, creating a frothy and light texture.

    Different styles of milk emulsifiers:

    Manual: Manual emulsifiers are non-electrical versions of the device. They work by manually operating a handle or rod to shake milk. They are compact and ideal for travel.

    Electric: Electric emulsifiers are the most common. They are more powerful and faster than manual models, making them

    RIVIERA & BAR -  - Emulsifier For Milk

     TRIPLE FUNCTION\u000d\u000a Power: 750 W\u000d\u000a Weight: 1.2 Kg\u000d\u000a L 190 ...

    99.99 € approx.
    ... ideal for everyday use at home.

    Steam: Some models of milk emulsifiers are integrated into espresso coffee machines. They use the steam from the machine to heat and froth milk simultaneously.

    Renowned European manufacturers of milk emulsifiers:

    Bodum (Denmark): Bodum is a Danish brand known for its kitchen and coffee products, including milk emulsifiers.

    Zwilling (Germany): Zwilling is a well-established German company that manufactures a range of kitchen utensils, including milk emulsifiers.

    WMF (Germany): WMF is a German manufacturer renowned for its kitchen and table products, including electric milk emulsifiers.

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