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    Bread mould - Moulds

    A bread pan is a kitchen utensil used for baking bread. These molds are designed to give the bread its characteristic shape, help maintain its structure during cooking and ensure even cooking. Some characteristics of a typical bread pan include:

    Shape: Bread molds usually have a rectangular or oblong shape, similar to that of a box. This shape makes it possible to obtain a bread with an even crust and a well-structured crumb.

    Material: Bread molds can be made from various materials including metal (such as carbon steel or aluminum), ceramics, cast iron, stone, glass, silicone and even composite materials.

    Emile Henry - pain de campagne - Bread Mould
    Emile Henry
    pain de campagne

    Our Pain de Campagne mould will delight lovers of generous, crisp breads with a dense, finely ...

    Lekue -  - Bread Mould

    Add to the basket The pluses: 4 mini baguettes in one batch! Ideal for making sandwiches for your ...

    19.90 € approx.
    ... Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of thermal conductivity, durability and maintenance.

    Size: Bread molds are available in a variety of sizes to fit different amounts of dough. Standard sizes include 1 pound (450 g), 1.5 pound (680 g) or 2 pound (900 g) bread pans.

    Non-stick coating: Some bread pans are coated with non-stick material to facilitate the release of bread after baking. This prevents the bread from sticking to the mould.

    Hinged lid or lid: Some bread pans are sold with a hinged lid or lid. The lid can be used to trap steam during cooking, creating a crispier crust. Hinged lids make it easy to remove bread once baked.

    Decorative Patterns: Some ceramic or cast iron bread molds have decorative patterns on the outside, adding an aesthetic touch to baked bread.

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