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    Magnetic hook - Various bathroom items

    A magnetic hook is a type of hook that has a magnet at one end, allowing it to attach to metal surfaces.

    These hooks can be useful for organizing and storing tools, kitchen utensils and keys. They can also be used to hang decorations, such as lights or ornaments.

    There are many manufacturers of magnetic hooks on the market. Here are some of the popular manufacturers:

    Master Magnetics: This American company manufactures a wide range of magnetic hooks for various uses.

    Sintesy: This Italian company offers a variety of magnetic hooks, including stainless steel hooks, for outdoor use.

    Magcraft: This

    CHARLES VIANCIN -  - Magnetic Hook

    With its poppy design and red color, this magnet-hook can be spotted in the blink of an eye. Easy to ...

    Price upon request
    MAGNETIQUES -  - Magnetic Hook

    Diameter: 25 mm, Total height with hook 65 mm. Neodymium magnet in a steel shell, head holding the ...


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    Les Specialistes

    ... American company specializes in the manufacture of magnetic products, including magnetic hooks for domestic and industrial use.

    Wukong: This Chinese company specializes in the manufacture of magnetic hooks for outdoor and indoor use.

    Feroleto Steel Co., Inc.: This American company specializes in the manufacture of magnetic hooks for industrial uses.

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