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    Sink trap - Around the sink

    A sink drain, also known as a sink drain or plumbing drain, is an essential component of plumbing that is installed under a sink, sink or bathtub. Its main role is to allow the evacuation of wastewater while preventing unpleasant odors from rising from the sewer.

    Some well-known European manufacturers of sink traps include:

    Wirquin (France): Wirquin is a French company specializing in plumbing and sanitation products, including sink drains.

    McAlpine (UK): McAlpine is a UK manufacturer of plumbing products including high quality sink drains.

    Geberit (Switzerland): Geberit is a Swiss company that produces a variety of plumbing products, including

    Valentin - connectic - Sink Trap

    Sink siphon entered in 11/2 / exit for tube - adjustable in height, with anti-sliding stop - water ...

    Price upon request
    TESCOMA - presto - Sink Trap

    prevents impurities from entering the sink, washbasin, etc. - supplied in two standard sizes

    Price upon request
    Dallmer -  - Sink Trap
    Price upon request
    ... sink drains known for their reliability.

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