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    Electronic lighter - Various kitchen and cooking items

    Electronic lighters, also called electric arc lighters or plasma lighters, are modern devices designed to light cigarettes, candles, cooking fires and other objects using an electric arc instead of the traditional flame. They are rechargeable via USB and have become popular in Europe and worldwide due to their durability, safety and futuristic appearance. Here is a description of different styles of electronic lighters and some European manufacturers that produce them:

    Single arc electronic lighter:

    This style of electronic lighter is compact and looks like a traditional lighter, but instead of a flame, it produces an electric arc between two

    They are often fitted with a lid to protect the electrodes when not in use.
    Some models have an activation button, while others automatically turn on when the lid is opened.
    Dual arc electronic lighter:

    Double arc lighters are more powerful than single arc models, producing two arcs instead of one.
    They are usually faster to light objects, as they cover a larger area.
    Electronic Tube Lighter:

    Some electronic lighters have a tube-shaped design, similar to a pen.
    They can be longer and thinner than traditional models.
    Rechargeable electronic lighter:

    All electronic lighters are rechargeable via USB, which makes them environmentally friendly and economical in the long run.
    Most models can be recharged by connecting the lighter to a standard USB port.
    Some notable European manufacturers of electronic lighters include S.T. Dupont (France) and Tesla Lighter (Sweden).

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