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    Touch kitchen bin - Around the sink

    An automatic garbage can, also known as a self-opening garbage can, is a modern device designed to facilitate waste management. It is equipped with an automated opening and closing mechanism, which allows waste to be disposed of without having to touch the garbage directly.

    Characteristics of automatic garbage cans:

    Motion sensors: Most automatic bins are equipped with motion sensors or infrared sensors. These sensors detect when you approach the trash and automatically trigger the opening of the lid.

    Motorized lid: The lid of the garbage can is usually motorized and opens in response to the detected movement. Some models have

    OUTSPOT -  - Touch Kitchen Bin

    Automatic bin with infrared detection system Opens without having to touch the lid Hygienic and easy ...

    69.95 € approx.
    MENAGE CONFORT -  - Touch Kitchen Bin

    Self-opening trash can at the same time you open the cabinet door. SPECIFICATIONS: - Capacity: 14 + ...

    ... a partial opening lid for easier access, while others open completely.

    Automatic closing: After a certain period of time, the lid closes automatically to contain odors and waste inside the trash.

    Advantages of automatic garbage cans:

    Hygiene: Since you don’t have to touch the lid of the garbage can, automatic bins reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

    Odor Removal: The airtight lid helps keep odors inside the trash can.

    Practicality: You can throw garbage without having to use hands, which is convenient when you have busy or dirty hands.

    Some manufacturers: Simplehuman, Brabantia, Wesco, Joseph Joseph...

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