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    Carpet slipper - Clothing

    Charentaises are traditional French indoor shoes from the Charente region of France. They are known for their comfort, warmth and durability.

    1. Classic Charentaises: Classic Charentaises have a simple design with a wool or felt upper, a rubber sole and an apparent seam on top. They are usually solid in color, such as gray or navy blue.

    2. Charentaises à motifs: Some charentaises are decorated with patterns, stripes or jacquard patterns to add a touch of style and originality.

    3. Closed-ended Charentaises: Closed-ended Charentaises have an upper part that completely covers the foot, making them warmer and suitable for colder

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    ... climates.

    4. Open-toed Charentaises: Open-toed Charentaises have an upper part that stops at the back of the foot, leaving the toes uncovered. They are more breathable and are often worn in summer or in warmer climates.

    5. Charentaises à talon: Some charentaises are designed with a small heel to offer a little height and elegance.

    6. Charentaises for children: Charentaises are also available in sizes for children, with colors and patterns adapted to the youngest.

    Among the renowned European manufacturers, we can mention "Le Slip Français" (France), "Rondinaud" (France) and "La Pantoufle à Pépère" (France)...

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