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    Column capital - Architectural elements

    A column capital is an architectural element primarily used in classical architecture, particularly in Greek and Roman architecture, as well as in medieval architecture. It is usually located at the top of a column or pillar and serves as a transition between the column shaft and the architectural element it supports, such as an arch, lintel, or vault.

    The column capital consists of two main parts: the abacus and the capital. The abacus is a flat plate or stone that directly rests on the column shaft. It often has a square or rectangular shape and provides a solid base for

    Weser -  - Column Capital
    Column Capital

    In case square poles are preferred to columns, Weser proposes reconstituted stone capitals adapted ...

    Price upon request
    ROY MARTIN -  - Column Capital

    Hand carved oak capital.  Known as Scamozzi capitals, following the design of a 16th century ...

    Price upon request
    ROY MARTIN -  - Column Capital

    Ionic capitals taking great shape for this Georgian property renovation. All details are hand drawn ...

    Price upon request

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    BERDECO ROY MARTIN Weser Wild Goose Carvings Staff Decor STAFF DECO
    BERDECO -  - Column Capital
    Price upon request
    christophe chalard -  - Column Capital
    christophe chalard

    Volvic's Roman-style lava marquee

    Price upon request
    Wild Goose Carvings - large corinthian column capital - Column Capital
    Wild Goose Carvings

    A medium large four sided column capital with a circular base that will surmount a round pillar of ...

    Price upon request
    STAFF DECO -  - Column Capital

    Width 450 mm Height 300 mm

    ... the elements above it.

    The capital is the decorative part of the column capital located beneath the abacus. It is typically sculpted and can feature a wide variety of ornamental motifs, such as leaves, flowers, human figures, animals, or geometric patterns. The capital can have cylindrical, conical, cubic, or other complex forms depending on the architectural style.

    Here are some European manufacturers of column capitals:

    1. Losberger De Boer (Germany): Losberger De Boer is one of the leading European manufacturers of column capitals and temporary structures. They offer a wide range of column capitals for events such as fairs, exhibitions, festivals, and weddings.

    2. Röder Zelt- und Veranstaltungsservice (Germany): Röder is a German manufacturer of high-quality column capitals and event tents. Their products are renowned for their innovative design, durability, and adaptability to different types of events.

    3. HTS tentiQ (United Kingdom): HTS tentiQ is a British manufacturer specializing in premium column capitals and tents. Their products are used in various sectors, such as sports events, weddings, exhibitions, and temporary industrial installations.

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