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    Household Appliance Magnet - Various equipment

    A household magnet, often called simply "magnet", is a crucial component used in many household appliances to ensure their proper operation. Magnets are devices that generate a magnetic field and are used in various applications including motors, compressors, pumps and other electromechanical components.

    Renowned European manufacturers of household magnets:

    Arnold Magnetic Technologies (UK): Arnold Magnetic Technologies is a UK company that manufactures a wide range of magnetic products, including magnets used in electrical applications.
    Magnetfabrik Bonn (Germany): This German company produces magnets for various industries, including household appliances.
    Hermann Magnetics (Germany): Hermann Magnetics is a German manufacturer specialized in the

    Jemini -  - Household Appliance Magnet
    Price upon request
    Magpaint -  - Household Appliance Magnet
    Price upon request
    Original House - original panel. los imanes gigantes para decorar electrodomésticos - Household Appliance Magnet

    Designer : Original House

    Original Panel. Giant magnets to decorate domestic appliances.

    232 € approx.

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    Les Specialistes

    Jemini BERTOY
    Original House - imán para frigorificos - Household Appliance Magnet
    Original House

    Designer : ORIGINAL HOUSE

    Original Panel. Giant magnets to decorate fridgers

    116 € approx.
    BERTOY -  - Household Appliance Magnet

    They're really cool, these new magnetic blocks from Crocodile Creek. Use your fancy and create your ...

    Price upon request
    ... production of magnets for industrial applications, including household appliances.

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