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    Cheese serving set - Knives

    A cheese set is a set of utensils specially designed for the presentation, cutting and serving of cheeses. These sets are often used during cheese tastings, cheese platters or convivial moments with friends or family. A typical cheese set includes different utensils that allow you to handle different types of cheese in an elegant and practical way.

    Common items included in a cheese set include:

    Cheese Knife: This is a knife specially designed to cut cheese. It can have a sharp blade for hard cheeses, a serrated blade for natural crusted cheeses or a wide blade for soft cheeses.


    Laguiole En Aubrac -  - Cheese Serving Set
    Laguiole En Aubrac

    This cheese service consists of 3 high-end pieces. You can choose the wood for the handle from four ...

    222 € approx.
    HK LIVING -  - Cheese Serving Set

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    Les Specialistes

    Laguiole En Aubrac HK LIVING
    ... knife: This knife has a wide and flat blade, sometimes slightly curved, which allows to easily spread soft cheeses on bread or crackers.

    Cheese Fork: A cheese fork is used to hold the cheese during cutting, serving or tasting.

    Cheese Scoop: A cheese scoop is used to serve cut portions of cheese. It can have a flat and wide shape to lift the pieces.

    Cheese Board: Although technically not a utensil, a cheese board is often included in a cheese set. It serves as a support to arrange and present the cheeses to be tasted.

    Cheese Bell: A cheese bell is used to protect and store cheeses away from air and dirt, while presenting them elegantly.

    Cheese Markers: Cheese markers or labels can be included to indicate the type of cheese served.

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