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    Fireproof cabinet - Cupboards and storage

    A fireproof cabinet is a specific type of cabinet designed to offer protection against fire by limiting the spread of fire and protecting the objects it contains. Here is some more information about fireproof cabinets:

    Fire-retardant materials: Fire cabinets are made from fire-retardant materials that resist heat and fire. These materials often include thick steel or other fire-resistant materials.

    Thermal insulation: Fire cabinets are fitted with thermal insulation to help keep the inside of the cabinet at a lower temperature during a fire. This helps protect heat-sensitive items such as documents, data media, chemicals or flammable liquids.

    Fire resistance standards:

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    ... Fireproof cabinets are subject to specific fire resistance standards that assess their ability to withstand exposure to fire for a certain period of time. These standards may vary from country to country, but generally include tests for heat, flame and smoke resistance.

    Secure locking systems : Fire cabinets are often fitted with secure locking systems to prevent unauthorised access to the items they contain. This can include key locks, combination locks or electronic locks.

    Common uses: Fire cabinets are widely used in commercial, industrial and institutional environments where the protection of documents and valuables from fire is essential. Common examples include offices, server rooms, laboratories, hospitals, libraries and archives.

    Storage capacity: Fire cabinets are available in different sizes and configurations to meet specific storage needs. They can have adjustable shelves, drawers or compartments for efficient organisation of items.

    It is important to note that fireproof cabinets do not guarantee absolute protection against fire, but they do provide a degree of resistance and increased protection compared with standard cabinets. When purchasing a fire protection cabinet, it is advisable to check the fire resistance standards, safety features and storage capacities to choose the one that best meets your specific fire protection needs.

    Here are some well-known European manufacturers of fireproof enclosures:

    Burg-Wächter: Burg-Wächter is a German manufacturer specialising in safety products, including fire protection cabinets. Their products are manufactured to high quality standards and offer certified fire protection.

    Fichet-Bauche: Fichet-Bauche is a French manufacturer of security solutions, including fire-stop cabinets. Their products are renowned for their quality and reliability, offering advanced protection against fire and intrusion.

    Rottner Tresor: Rottner Tresor is an Austrian manufacturer specialising in safes and security cabinets. Their fireproof cabinets are designed to offer reliable fire protection while meeting the highest security requirements.

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