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    Snail Shell - Various

    The snail shell is also used as a kitchen accessory in the preparation and tasting of a delicate dish known as Burgundy snails. Here’s how it works:

    Burgundy style snails:

    Preparation of snails: Live snails are usually bought in fine grocery stores or specialized markets. They are cleaned carefully to remove dirt and drool. Some have them fast for a while to remove impurities from their digestive system.

    Cooking snails: The snails are then cooked in a flavored broth, usually based on white wine, garlic, parsley, butter and other herbs and spices. This cooking step makes the snails tender and

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    ... infuses the flavors.

    Preparation of shells: Empty and clean snail shells are used to contain cooked snails. They are often previously washed and boiled to ensure their cleanliness.

    Shell filling: Each shell is filled with a cooked snail, then the remaining cavity is filled with the flavored mixture, usually consisting of garlic and herb butter.

    Grating: The shells filled with snails and flavored butter are then baked until the butter is melted and the top is golden.

    Service: Burgundy snails are traditionally served in shells, placed on special supports designed to hold them in place and prevent them from tipping over. Each guest can use a special fork or snail tongs to remove the snails from the shell and enjoy them.

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