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    Skinning case - Various knives

    A skinning case, also known as a skinning kit, is a set of tools specifically designed for the process of skinning animals after hunting or slaughter. These sets are designed to facilitate and optimize the cutting and preparation of animals, providing different types of knives and accessories needed to perform cutting tasks accurately.

    Features of the Skinning Case:

    Complete Set: A butchering case usually includes a variety of tools and knives specifically designed for different stages of the butchering process.

    Specialized Knives: The knives included in the skinning case are suitable for the various cuts needed, such as cutting the

    ... skin, separating the muscles and preparing the meat.

    Blades of Different Shapes and Sizes: The knife blades in the briefcase can vary in shape and size to meet the specific needs of skinning.

    Sharpened Blades: The blades of the knives are sharpened to ensure sharp and precise cuts.

    Comfortable Sleeves: The knives are equipped with ergonomic sleeves for a comfortable and safe grip.

    Butchering cases can be used by cooks to prepare pieces of meat for cooking.

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