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    Large bowl sink - Sinks

    The sink, in the context of kitchen sinks, refers to the entire sink, including the main tank, drains and associated accessories. Kitchen sinks are essential items in any kitchen, used for washing utensils, food preparation and various other tasks.

    Kitchen sink styles:

    Single bowl sink: This is a sink that has only one bowl, which is ideal for small kitchens or for people who do not need much space to wash dishes.

    Double Bowl Sink: Double Bowl Sinks have two separate tanks, which allows washing and rinsing tasks to be separated, making them very convenient for kitchens where large quantities

    SUD INOX -  - Large Bowl Sink
    Price upon request
    LIONINOX -  - Large Bowl Sink

    Made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Bonde with too full. It is delivered assembled in 3 pieces, 2 ...

    LIONINOX -  - Large Bowl Sink

    This stainless steel plunger is constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel. Feet adjustable on 26 mm. ...

    LIONINOX -  - Large Bowl Sink

    STAINLESS STEEL PLUNGE 2 TANKS AND DRAINER ON THE RIGHT This stainless steel plunger is built in ...

    ... of dishes are prepared.

    Single bowl sink with drainer: These sinks have a main bowl and an adjacent drainer. They offer extra space to drain washed dishes.

    Built-in sink: These sinks are installed below the counter level, which gives them an elegant and uncluttered appearance. They are easy to clean because there are no seams between the sink and the counter.

    European manufacturers of kitchen sinks:

    Blanco: This German company is one of the most renowned manufacturers of kitchen sinks and faucets in Europe. They are renowned for their quality and design.

    Franke: Another renowned Swiss company in the field of kitchen sinks. Franke offers a wide range of high quality sinks.

    Smeg: This Italian company is known for its elegant and retro kitchen sinks, which bring a touch of style to the kitchen.

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