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    Color fixative - Maintenance products

    A colour fixer, also known as a fixative, is a chemical used to fix pigments or colours on a surface, thus preventing their degradation, discoloration or transfer. Colour fixators are widely used in the fields of art, crafts and industry to protect works of art, drawings, paintings, prints and textiles.

    The color fixer is usually applied as a spray or liquid, and it can be used on various materials such as paper, fabric, canvas, wood, metal, etc. It is particularly useful to preserve the quality of the colors and extend the life of the artistic creations.

    Here are some well-known

    FAMACO PARIS -  - Color Fixative

    SPRAY 150 ML (REF. 011119) The Chromofix fixes the color inside the shoe to prevent colors from ...

    Price upon request
    Onip -  - Color Fixative

    FIXATEUR MINERAL is a mineral paint based on potassium silicate for the protection and decoration of ...

    Price upon request
    ... companies in the field:

    Sennelier (France): Sennelier is a French brand of high quality artistic supplies. They produce fixatives for artists, especially for pastel, charcoal and graphite techniques.

    Winsor & Newton (UK): Winsor & Newton is a British company known for its paintings and artistic supplies. They offer a range of fixatives for the protection of drawings and works on paper.

    Lascaux (Switzerland): Lascaux is a Swiss brand specialized in professional quality art products. They produce fixatives for artists working with different techniques.

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