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    Electric juicer - Mincing and grinding machines

    An electric juicer is a kitchen appliance designed to extract juice from various types of fruits quickly and efficiently. These devices are especially useful for preparing fresh juices, smoothies, cocktails, refreshing drinks and even sauces.

    Use of the electric juicer:

    Fruit Preparation: Wash, peel and cut the fruits into pieces of appropriate size.

    Positioning: Place the fruit on the cone or extraction disc.

    Start: Activate the unit using the appropriate speed switches.

    Juice Extraction: The motor drives the cone or disc to extract juice from fruit.

    Juice Collection: The juice is collected in a specific tank.

    Cleaning: Disassemble removable parts

    BEPER -  - Electric Juicer

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    TECHWOOD -  - Electric Juicer

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    ... and wash them in hot soapy water or dishwasher for easy cleaning.

    European manufacturers of electric fruit presses:

    Philips (Netherlands): Philips is a well-known Dutch brand for its household appliances, including electric juicers. They offer a range of juicers and juicers.

    Braun (Germany): Braun is a German manufacturer of household appliances, including centrifuges and electric fruit presses.

    Russell Hobbs (UK): Russell Hobbs is a UK brand that offers a variety of kitchen appliances including juicers and electric juicers.

    Moulinex (France): Moulinex is a French brand renowned for its kitchen appliances. They offer versatile electric juicers.

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