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    Steel Serving Tray - Trays

    A limonadier tray, an essential element in the art of serving drinks, embodies the harmonious union of form and function. Generally designed as a circle, this tray consists of high quality materials such as stainless steel, high quality plastic or exotic wood. Its choice of material depends above all on the desired elegance, the required longevity and individual preference.

    Its circular shape promotes a balanced distribution of weight, ensuring a smooth transport of delicate glasses, precious bottles and other essential elements for the preparation and service of drinks. Ergonomic handles, carefully integrated or removable, facilitate handling, ensuring easy handling.


    Lacor -  - Steel Serving Tray
    Price upon request
    ... added safety, some models are equipped with a non-slip surface, either through a rubber coating or subtle grooved patterns. The size, meanwhile, varies to adapt to the specific needs of each institution or professional.

    Renowned European Manufacturers:

    APS (Germany): This German company stands out for its know-how in the manufacture of high-end service accessories, including limonadier trays. German quality is a guarantee of excellence.

    Olympia (UK): Olympia, based in the UK, has established itself as a leading supplier of catering equipment. Their limonadier trays reflect a commitment to quality and aesthetics.

    Genware (UK): Another UK company, Genware, stands out for its expertise in premium service items. Their limonadier trays are the preferred choice of demanding professionals.

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